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Legal Kratom Canada-The Allure of Kratom

Before discussing the challenges and opportunities that growing kratom can present, some people may be wondering: What is kratom anyway? Not a part of the cultural zeitgeist in the western world yet, kratom has been an integral part of some Southeast Asian cultures for thousands of years. In Thailand specifically, use of the leaf is especially pervasive in the south. Recent studies suggest that upwards of 70% of males use kratom on a daily basis in some communities, with those individuals consuming from 10 to over 60 leaves per day. While in the U.S. the most popular means of ingestion is through a finely ground leaf powder known as “extract,” which is often placed in a pill capsule, Thai men elect to chew on the raw leaf itself. As widespread as these numbers are in certain regions, this rate of usage is occurring in a country where kratom is technically illegal; the Thai government made the Mitragyna speciosa plant illegal (despite being indigenous to the country) in 1941.Visit legalkratomcanada.com

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The chemical composition of kratom leaves is complex, and they contain over 40 distinct chemical compounds. The majority of these compounds are alkaloids, which are the primary catalyst for the psychotropic effects consuming the leaves can cause.

In addition to functioning as an opioid receptor agonist, kratom leaves also illicit many of the same effects that caffeine is used for. Taken in smaller doses, kratom can give the user a burst of physical and mental energy, increase levels of concentration, improve mood, and overall instill a general sense of euphoria. Users have reported that these effects feel more “balanced” than those provided by coffee and that there is no comparable “crash” after they subside.