Learn About Stainless Steel Cooking Pots and Pans

Without food and water, life is impossible. Similarly, without the best cooking pots, pans, and cookware cooking is impossible. There are several reasons for cooking with stainless steel pans. The advantage in cooking with stainless steel pans is that they do not react immediately with food items such as wine and tomato.Do you want to learn more? Visit The new Gotham steel nonstick pans.

A stainless steel pan put together outstanding sauces subsequent to sauteing by liquefying foodstuffs of mallard response. The major reason for cooking with stainless steel pans is they are excellent conductor of heat and heating can be done effectively at the same time, gas or fuel is simultaneously minimized.

The drawback behind cooking with stainless steel pans is heat is not wide spread over the pans. Also when proper technique of cooking is not applied over cooking application it results in sticking of food at the bottom of the pan. Why does food stick in case of cooking with stainless steel pans? This is because of the chemical reaction or bonding between the food materials and the primary consideration of design of cooking pans that is material. This occurs when the material used for designing cooking pots and is made of metal.

The forces occurring in cooking with stainless steel pans is van der waals force of attraction between the metals and covalent bonding. The food stuffs that are rich in protein are prone to stick to stainless steel pans, for example iron at the bottom of the pan after cooking. This is because protein can form strong bonding or complex bonding with metals.

There are several ways to prevent sticking of food. One is by making use of hot oil for coking purpose. This is because, the viscosity of the oil decreases on heating thereby preventing bonding. Also there bonding with metals decreases due to the formation of substance known as patina or shiny surface.

Although the surface of the pan looks smoother, when magnified to microscopic level we can see valleys and crests over the surface. These are the regions where the food gets settled due to complex bonding. Oil prevents sticking since it has high viscosity compared with water resulting in high capability to fill the gaps.

Sizzling is the sound caused, when the water vaporizes from the surface of the oil. When the sound level is reduced or stopped it is the indication that the water level is reduced in the cooking pan and the food is about to burn. In such case proper care must be taken.